Rays Day

We would like to say a huge thank you to Saphron and her team of volunteers for delivering another successful fundraising event raising £1627.25 for the Big Neonatal Campaign from their annual Rays Day in honour of Ray Matthew born sleeping 6th July 2020.

Saphron not only organised the Rays Day Event but also took part in a Total Warrior Challenge with her Mum to raise funds to support Bradford Hospitals Charity.

Saphron decided to support Bradford Hospitals Charity following the birth of her daughter Sienna-Ray who was transferred to Bradford Neonatal after being born extremely premature at 25 weeks.

Saphron said :

"The Big Neonatal Appeal is amazing, it’s so important for parents to be close to their premature/poorly babies.

Me and my mum completed total warrior and gained sponsors for this. We also organise a family fundraising event each year called ‘Rays Day’ raising money for babies born sleeping, prematurely and poorly in honour of our little boy who was born sleeping in 2020.

We would like to thank Jason from friends of Wilton Park who helped organise, Trav from CPM entertainers who sponsored our event - bumblebee is a real head turner! Just John for running the stage and sounds. My mum for completing total warrior with me and for helping design all of our signs/logos etc. and a massive thank you to everyone who volunteered their time & skills to bring lots of people together to raise money and awareness for a worthy cause."

If you are planning a fundraising event don’t be afraid to reach out to people, the more you network and build relationships the easier it becomes to organise bigger events. Lots of people help/volunteer as it’s a really important cause and is close to many people’s hearts. Not everyone speaks about their experiences of loss or having a premature/poorly baby, “Rays Day” is a reminder that it’s ok to talk about these things. Reach out to people who have already organised events for tips and ideas, good luck you can do it!

Thank you Saphron for your commitment, dedication and continued support of Bradford Hospitals Charity.