Our Impact

We work with Bradford Teaching Hospitals to provide the very best for patients and our staff, funding over and above what the NHS routinely provides.

How your donations are making a difference…

Your donations are making a very real difference to patient care and staff wellbeing every day.

From funding the little extras which transform care, to the large projects which change lives - our charity works closely with our Trust to make sure your donations go where they are needed the most.

Medical equipment

With your support, we are able to fund cutting-edge tools for our clinicians to provide safer care more quickly. This includes the latest video laryngoscopes, which increase safety for patients who require a breathing tube for surgery, to scalp coolers for our chemotherapy patients to reduce hair loss. We have funded specialist physiotherapy chairs which aid rehabilitation for our most poorly patients in the Intensive Care Unit, and clinical software which provides our doctors with the most up-to-date medical information.


Research shows that stress negatively impacts the healing process. That’s why we’re devoted to giving the gift of play to our children and funding calming items for vulnerable patients. Reducing anxiety is crucial, because it can determine whether a life-changing procedure goes ahead, or is cancelled due to distress.

Play also helps our therapists treat our patients who are in emotional distress. Our Children’s Outpatients Department now boasts a state-of-the -art virtual reality headset, letting young patients enter a fantasy world and embark on thrilling virtual adventures during needle treatments.

Your donations meant we could provide a Relax and View system for our MRI machine. The specialist video equipment allows patients to watch films during what can be a very stressful procedure.

It is vital to us that we meet the needs of all our patients, which is why we funded a sensory room and equipment for children with ASD and additional needs, creating a safe haven of calm in the busy hospital. Donations also helped purchase reminiscence packs for dementia patients, and charity-funded TVs provide a welcome distraction on our wards.

Baggins the Bear

Charity-funded Baggins the Bear has brought so much comfort to our children undergoing day-case surgery that cancellations due to distress have almost disappeared completely. His impact has lead to a daily increase in operations, because procedures are no longer delayed by anxious children and parents. The project has been such an incredible success that we plan to introduce him to other paediatric areas of our hospital.

Creating comfort

While our doctors and nurses provide excellent care for our patients, we provide upgraded, comfortable furniture to ensure our patients and families can enjoy a restful time in hospital. We fund specialist cots to help mums bond with their babies, and the highest standard of seating for our chemo patients who are sat for long periods. We provide temporary beds to enable our families to stay close to their loved ones.


Research tells us that a serene and welcoming environment can reduce stress and anxiety, aid recovery, help with pain management, and even lower blood pressure. We have funded a number of full refurbishments and patient areas.

Our Rays a Smile Appeal enabled us to create a child-friendly environment across our radiology department, and our elderly wards feature large photographic vinyls of Bradford landmarks to bring comfort to our older patients who are struggling in the hospital environment. Ceiling light boxes have transformed our Pennine Breast Unit and Children’s Outpatients into bright and welcoming spaces.

Our hospital heroes

Our Bradford Teaching Hospitals staff are the beating heart of our hospitals and we are committed to investing in their development and wellbeing.

We fund staff counselling and psychological support, extra training which is not routinely covered by NHS funds, and the refurbishment, furniture and equipment for staff rest areas. We support our Trust’s Thrive programme, which exists to promote staff wellbeing, and projects which promote diversity, inclusivity, and break down barriers to create a working environment welcoming for all. Our colleagues can only continue to provide exceptional care if we care for them.