Morrisons makes a donation to neonatal babies in Bradford

Morrisons supermarket has donated £1,544 to support newborn babies and their families in Bradford’s Neonatal Unit.

The Bradford-based company gave the cash to Bradford Hospitals’ Charity’s Neonatal Fund after a bucket collection at its head office raised £772. The money raised by staff was matched by the Morrisons Foundation – the supermarket’s charitable arm – boosting the total to £1,544.

It is the latest in a number of generous donations given by the supermarket’s staff. Since 2016, they have also donated a further £1,000, around 1,000 baby grows, bibs, muslin cloths, home-wear, appliances and toiletries for the Neonatal Unit’s family accommodation and colouring books and pencils for ‘sibling packs’. Staff and their friends and family also keep busy knitting blankets for the babies.

Maxcine Etherington, property advisor at Morrisons, co-ordinated the fundraising for the unit. She said: “The work staff at the Neonatal Unit do is just amazing. Their dedication is awe-inspiring, so we will do anything we can do to help them.

“One of the reasons I love working for Morrisons is that we are encouraged to support our community and empowered to give something back.”

Adrian Horsley, Morrisons Foundation Advisor, visited the Neonatal Unit with Maxcine and said: “I’m absolutely delighted that the Morrisons Foundation has been able to support Maxcine’s excellent fundraising through our colleague ‘Match Funding’ scheme.

“The generous support of Morrisons colleagues towards Maxcine’s fundraising for Bradford Hospitals’ Charity’s Neonatal Fund really does make a difference and I’m very proud to see in person what great work the staff do at the unit.”

Neonatal Matron Kelly Young said: “We are so grateful to Morrisons for the donations and support we have received over the years. Maxcine has been so generous with her time, co-ordinating fundraising, donating items and encouraging people to knit blankets! She is a real credit to the company.

“All the money raised by staff, and the kind donation from the Morrisons Foundation, will go towards providing the very best care and treatment for our babies and their families.”

Hayley Collis, head of fundraising for Bradford Hospitals’ Charity, said: “We are grateful to Morrisons and its staff, who have always supported our hospital charity. Sir Ken Morrison opened our original Neonatal Unit when it was first built, so we have a proud, long-standing relationship.

“Morrisons is proud of its Bradford roots and we are proud to work with such a community-minded company.”

To find out more about Bradford Hospitals’ Charity and how you can support your local hospitals, visit Alternatively, contact Hayley Collis or Elaine Drake on 01274 274809 or email [email protected]