MollyMae’s run to ‘Rays a Smile’

Young fundraiser MollyMae Windle will join forces with her dad and fitness coach to tackle the Bradford City Run to raise money for the Bradford Hospitals’ Charity Rays a Smile appeal.

Eleven-year-old MollyMae, of Clayton, is a big supporter of the appeal, which aims to raise £250,000 to make radiology services more child-friendly in Bradford’s hospitals. She knows first-hand how scary some scans can be for children because, due to her Cystic Fibrosis, she has had to have regular x-rays since she was born.

MollyMae will be joined by her dad, Andrew Windle, and her fitness coach, Matt Crabtree, who puts her through her paces every week at the Nuffield Fitness and Wellbeing gym in Cottingley. Although entered into the children’s Bradford City Run on Sunday 3 November, MollyMae hopes to complete the adult 5K race too.

She said: “At three-weeks-old I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, which is a life-long condition and so I have had numerous hospital visits and appointments at my local hospitals in Bradford over the years. I know how important it is for children to feel comfortable in hospital and how scary scans can be.

“I love being active and, as I have Cystic Fibrosis, it is so important for me to keep my lungs healthy so this was a perfect opportunity for me to enter the Bradford City Run and raise funds for the appeal.

“I have entered the children’s run but am hoping I may be able to join the 5k. Fingers crossed!”

MollyMae’s personal trainer, Matt Crabtree, runs a cystic fibrosis programme at Nuffield Health, Cottingley, to help improve the fitness and wellbeing of children with the condition. He said MollyMae had done really well, adding: “I’m very excited to take part in the Bradford 5K run with MollyMae and her dad to raise awareness and money for Bradford Hospitals’ Charity.”

MollyMae’s mum, Becky, said she was incredibly proud of her daughter. She said: “She is working so hard at the gym. Her Cystic Fibrosis means she does have to work a lot harder than others, but keeping fit is a big part of MollyMae keeping herself well and her lungs the best they possibly can be. I’m so proud of the work she is putting in.”

Paediatric radiologist, Dr LeeAnne Elliott, said: “MollyMae is a fantastic fundraiser for our Rays a smile appeal and this is an amazing challenge for her to undertake. She is a great ambassador for the charity and is always keen to help us improve our facilities for children who need X-rays or scans. . Her endless enthusiasm for our cause is incredibly generous and we are incredibly grateful to her support. She really is a superstar!”

Hayley Collis, head of fundraising for Bradford Hospitals’ Charity, said: “MollyMae’s dedication is an inspiration! We’re so proud to work with her and we’re confident she’ll do brilliantly in the 5K run!”

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