Rebecca Binns

We’re pleased to dedicate a snowflake to our brave abseiler, Rebecca Binns, who raised £1,257 for our Trust’s Renal Unit and Pennine Breast Suite.

Rebecca has previously undergone dialysis and a kidney transplant, and then in 2021 was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She said: “Sidney (the kidney) has been doing amazing and has helped me live a more fulfilling life than when I was on dialysis. The transplant changed my life and I have been able to spend time with family. The renal transplantation team, who are based at St Luke’s Hospital, are extremely supportive and always there for me. 

“But then in March 2021, I found a small lump close to my arm pit. I was referred to the Pennie Breast Unit for a mammogram. I was unable to take my husband to the appointment with me due to COVID rules, but the staff were so kind and caring and they could see I was nervous. Never did I imagine I had breast cancer. The mammogram showed I had cancer in two of my milk ducts. They did a biopsy on both the lump and the milk ducts. Results showed they were both cancer. I was so upset, as I am only 44. My family were extremely shocked but very supportive.

“I have now had the lump and milk ducts removed and was told that it had gone. Thank goodness. I have had 15 radiotherapy treatments to make sure it has definitely gone. 

“I have a follow up appointment in November to check all is ok and am being monitored every year.”

“The transplant team at St Luke’s Hospital, and the breast screening team, were amazing and I can’t thank them enough. This is why I have decided to take on this challenge to help raise vital funds for these hospital services.”

Rebecca said she was “petrified” to do the abseil, but focused on raising the money and made everyone incredibly proud.

Hayley Collis, Head of Fundraising for Bradford Hospitals’ Charity, said: “We were in awe of Rebecca for taking on this challenge after what was a very challenging few years for her.

“Our Pennine Breast Unit is currently raising money to make their waiting area as welcoming as possible, to help ease the nerves of other patients, like Rebecca, who are extremely nervous when they visit.”