Enabling Technology and Equipment Advances

Charitable donations are vital to help us provide the latest and most innovative equipment for treating our patients. Our charity helps fund the latest, most advanced, progressive devices, equipment and technology. Doing more for life-saving care; changing treatment protocols, achieving faster diagnosis and speeding recovery.

Here are just some of the ways you have helped support Bradford Hospitals’ Charity purchase new state-of-the-art equipment and/or upgrade from a standard item to a specialist one.

Robotic ultrasound Probe – £36,000

This is a specialist piece of equipment which allows patients with kidney cancer to undergo minimal invasive surgery and enables these patients to recover faster and with less pain.

Vapotherms x 4 – £12,000

Help better deliver oxygen and result in better outcomes for our babies and young children.

Mylife software for dementia patients – £80,000

MyLife’s “Digital Reminiscence Therapy Software” (DRTS), opens up a whole new world of communication and reminiscence for patient with a dementia, their carers and healthcare professions. The screen includes old photographs, videos, music, even personal memorabilia, and enables carers to reminisce and learn about each other. This results in effectively communicating with patients who have a dementia and similar cognitive disorders; one of the most common problems. This allows easy and improved communication and helps stimulate patients during the day-time, bringing benefits to both carers and patient, encouraging engagement, communication and wellbeing.