Patient Experience

With your support we can do more to ensure patients and their families experience outstanding care with compassion and better cope with their healthcare experience/being in hospital.

Here are just some of the ways you have made a difference to our patients:

BabyView video link in Neonatal

This equipment allows mums who are often recovering in the delivery suite or postnatal ward, to see their baby on an encrypted video screen.  This helps reduce parental anxiety and helps with early  bonding too; all in all helping to improve the patient experience.

Sara Combilizer Chair for Intensive Care Unit £18,000

This innovative piece of equipment improves the patient experience by enabling the bed-bound patient into the standing position, even for just a few moments.

Interactive floors in Paediatric A&E – £30,000

This projector is fun and easy to use by children of all ages.  It’s a distraction game too allowing our medical staff to assess patients over a period of time whilst at play.

Your support is helping us to put our patients and their families at the heart of everything we do by creating comfortable, safe, imaginative environments, and funding exciting and creative experiences and activities

Enabling technology & equipment advances

With your help we are able to do more for our sick patients by funding the most advanced medical equipment and supporting ground-breaking medical and nursing techniques.

Developing our hospital environment

Your donations are helping us to develop our services to provide our patients with the highest quality care across a range of medical specialities.

Even the sickest children need to feel comfortable and safe, and to have a chance to play and learn. This can have a huge impact on their successful recovery, building confidence, developing creativity, addressing physical, social and emotional issues as well as providing a welcome distraction for children during an anxious and often scary time for example  pre and post medical procedures.

Our elderly patients in our dementia and elderly care wards need to stay sociable too.  State of the art equipment and therapies can support patients to chat, share memories and feel at home.

Cancer patients visit our hospitals regularly and a home from home feel on the wards helps to put them at ease.

Thanks to your support we have funded improvements to the hospital environment so that we can create the best possible experience during what can be a difficult time. We have developed children’s activity rooms, family areas, dedicated carer rooms to stay and with your help, would like to provide musical and holistic therapies adding comfort, colour, music and laughter to our regular activities throughout our hospitals.