Messages of Support

Leave a message of support for our NHS staff during these difficult times!

Say thanks to our hard working health workers in this difficult time.


Pete Flett

I would like to add my deep thanks and support for all the key workers, especially nurses and doctors and all other staff on the front line with tremendous dedication, against the odds,charged with the care and help of those people who passed their path.

Danyelle & James Topley

Keep up the good work. You’re continuing to support people with an awful virus, putting yourselves at risk and having to live away from families. You’re absolute diamonds, and each and every one of you deserve a medal and a massive pay rise for what you’re working through. Keep it up! Everyone appreciates your hard work. Without you, we would be nothing…lots of love. 

Fiona Ryan

Thank you so much for what you are doing to keep this country going. Every moment you spend on the front line is respected and appreciated. We will come out of this the other side, together xxx 

Jenny Mladenovic

So proud of you guys. Keep going. You are all angels. Xx 

Sophie Webster

Neonatal staff, we love you. We know what the world’s going through is scary, I can only imagine how that bit scarier it is for you guys and the parents of those little ones. I know you hear it a lot, but I just feel like people should never stop reminding you that you are HEROES. You are all so brave at this time to be still carrying on this fight whilst the world seems to be falling apart. Me and my family love you. You will always be a huge part of our lives and we will never forget anything you have ever done for us. Lots of love from Sophie, Josh and Erin. (P.s Erin sends lots off cuddles and kisses) 

Andrea Dennett

To all the staff on the Special Care Baby Unit, we will never forget all of the support you gave us when our little boy Freddie was born back in 2014. Stay well and safe, you’re all amazing. 

Sam Britton

I just wanted so say a massive thank you to all the staff at BRI for the help they gave my Dad the last few weeks in some of the most difficult time.

James Lowrence

My daughter Ingrid was born today (30th March). The two midwives were terrific – a genuine credit to their profession and BRI. They were the difference that made our experience at hospital during this pandemic a positive experience. 

Julie Whitehead

You are all amazing. We are so lucky to have such amazing dedicated NHS staff as we have, saving lives daily and making our country safe. We don’t need celebrities or actors – we need superheroes like all the NHS workers.

Charli France

Well done and thanks for all your hard work! Keep going, you are all doing amazing! My kids have drawn you a rainbow for our window with the message stay safe! Lots of love from everyone in our home! 

Sister Debbie Griffith

I would like to send a great big thank you to Jamie Steele, my Matron, for taking the time out to phone me on my day off to make sure that I was OK. It was such a lovely and much-appreciated gesture. Also thank you to the splendid Team 3 for popping in and checking on us in Children’s Outpatients every day, especially Simon Peers, whose smile and positivity has kept us going. We might just keep you! A final thank you to my fabulous team (and to the CNS’s and community team) for simply turning up and going that extra mile, and to our amazing paediatricians, who have big hearts and have made us really proud by helping out the ‘big people’.

Elaine Battersby

Thank you, thank you, thank you – you are amazing, true angels. We are so proud of each and every one of you and think about you all the time. Keep going and hopefully it will be over soon. Much respect to every one of you. Elaine & family

Kay Wright

Dear everyone we are all so very great full for all your care and dedication through these very challenging times. We all know that you’re someone’s Son Daughter Mother Father Friend neighbour Niece Nephew. Your professionalism has been Outstanding and there are many unsung heroes who are just getting the job done. We admire you all. Thank you for saving so many very poorly people, and helping others to go in peace. And all the other person behind the scenes for going to work and maybe feeling very vulnerable. My friend is having weekly dialysis and you are taking very good cate of her.Massive love respect and spirit. 

Amanda Whitehead

I have had a lot of contact with BRI over the last five years because of my fathers ill health and my recent injury. In his time of need and mine you have been there for us and this continues. Now its your turn more than ever to know what a difference you make to peoples lives when they are at their most vulnerable. It is for us to let you know how much we appreciate what you do and the sacrifices you are making right now for us all. Thank You.

Sue Hodgson

Thank you for your hard work all the time but especially during this time. Hope you all keep safe.

Julie Harrison

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that each and everyone of are you doing for us and your patients at this time. I honour you all for the sacrifices that as individuals you have had to make and your dedication to your profession. You are all remarkable and amazing examples of humanity in action. I hope I speak for us a nation that we will fight to save our unique NHS, for increased funding and for you all to have the respect you so deserve and the salaries to match that. Bless all of you.

Linda Awde

Hi to all you are doing a fantastic job, so so proud of every individual person in the work you are doing. Stay safe love from us all.

Hazel Chadwick

Thank you to All of the Staff no matter what you do xox

Shabina Bashir

Dear katy and Zelna thank you for looking after my baby Baby Bashir bow known ad Muhammed Sayaam Zelna u saved his life I cant thank you enough. Lots of love Muhammad Sayaam and familt xxx

Caroline Yacoubou

We can’t thank you enough for the fantastic care and support you provided to me, my husband and my precious twin boys born at 27 weeks in March 2018. You all went above and beyond. Absolute heroes! Thank you

Becky Kay

To all the doctors and nurses on the neonatal until..your doing an amazing job if it wasn’t for yous my daughter wouldn’t be here today. we Was there back in 2017 and 2019. We will never forget any of you and the help and support you all gave us during a difficult time x

Christine Annes

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication and keep safe.

Cheryl Hardy

Words can describe how grateful we are to our NHS workers,keep up with the amazing work you are providing and please keep safe Thank you ALL NHS STAFF

Jas O’Neill

Thank you for all your hard work in this incredibly difficult time. You guys are ALL doing amazing. Superhero’s don’t wear capes, they wear NHS badges!!!

Anne Meehan

No words to thank u enough for ur care and bravery.

Tracey Flynn

You are doing an amazing job from top yo bottom staff thank you for all you are doing for us all blessings to you all.

Shazia Shakeel

Thank you very much for all your hard work in this difficult time. You haven’t worried about going back with only thing worse for your self. You have just been amazing Well done to each and every one of you from the cleaners to top consultants Thank you very much.

Georgena Mcphee

Hi, you are doing an amazing job taking such wonderful care of all your patients I cant imagine how tough things are especially right now. Thinking of you and the teams you work with every day. Please remember to take care of yourselves too xxx

Emily Tiller

To the neonatal unit and outreach team, During this pandemic, I cant imagine how every family member and staff are feeling but I want you to know you all are tremendous no matter what’s happend outside or what day it is you dedicate yourselfs everyday to the lives of babies and supporting families never will we forget our time on the unit, no words can thank you enough for everything you did and continue to do despite everything, But Thank you so much for everything you did for my daugther victoria-kay and me in july to September 2019, you gave us the support we needed as a family and helped my daughter get through every stage of the unit till she could come home Shes abouslety thriving now 8 months old, 5 and half corrected her new milestone as off 3 days ago went from rolling about the floor to have now started to catipilar/worm her way round the floor to her toys You helped make this happen Never forget the work you do is beyond what anyone could ask for but is life changing for families, weather before after or during the pandemic , thank you we hope every staff member , baby and family stay safe during these difficult times x

Sylvia Coleman

I worked for Bradford Hospital Trust for 39 yrs Mostly in plastics with the best TEAM and retired over Four years ago .I had the privilege to work with many many wonderful staff ,many who are still working ,and I am so proud to call you my friends . Proud of each and everyone of you (even those who gave me grief at times ) . You are all wonderful . You are all HEROES . Love you all . Sending Aunty syl Hugs to you all xxxxxxxxx

Daisy Leigh

I have put a rainbow on my window. Thank you NHS staff.

Laura Chadwick

To Laura, Lucy, Romany, Abi, Dawn, Sam, Sammy, Dr Seal and all the staff at the neonatal unit myself and my family cannot thank you all enough for all you did for Miss Mollie. No words can say just how much we appreciate the support and help you gave us and we regularly think about you all and we love bringing Mollie back for visits!

Susan Britton

To each and everyone of you, YOU ARE AMAZING! you are putting your heart, soul and compassion into every shift. You are here protecting and saving our lives without a second thought for your own. This dark cloud will pass and when it does, every person will always remember your sacrifice. Good luck guys, WE LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU xxx