Matthew, Annie, and Bodhi Wise


Matthew and Annie Wise welcomed their beautiful baby Bodhi into the world in November 2020, at just 26 weeks. Little Bodhi stayed in the Bradford Neonatal Unit until February 2021, until he was strong enough to go home.

The couple were able to make use of the unit’s parent accommodation, which meant they could stay close to Bodhi while he was being cared for in Bradford. They were so grateful that they decided to ask for donations to our charity’s BIG Neonatal Appeal this Christmas in lieu of gifts. Their fundraising reached over £2,600 and they also kindly set up a regular monthly donation, which we are enormously grateful for, because regular donations enable us to plan our charitable work.

Matthew Wise said:

“A huge thank you and a merry Christmas to all at Bradford hospitals. Last year, you looked after our little boy over Christmas. We are so grateful for all your care for us and him over the festive period.  

“Our little boy Bodhi was born at 26 weeks and spent a number of months in hospital. We took him home in February 2021 and he is now a happy and healthy one year old. We stayed at Bradford Royal Infirmary whilst they took care of Bodhi and we were very grateful to be near by whilst Bodhi was being treated.  

“Have a wonderful Christmas!”