Give in your will

For many decades years visionary people have been remembering our hospitals in their Wills. Their gifts have gone on to help future generations of patients, and have helped our hospitals to become a centres of excellence.

Every year, we are honoured to receive legacy gifts, both large and small, from people just like you, who have chosen to invest in the future of our hospital. Though we might not know what the future holds yet, we do know that your support will do more for sick patients and help to create a hospital which will provide more innovative treatments, more positive experiences and most importantly more hope for generations of patients to come.

Legacies help us to plan for the future, and to grow as a charity so we can do more.

For more information

If you’d like to receive more information about how a gift in your will can do more for the sick patients in our care, or you’d like to arrange a personal tour of the hospital to see first-hand the impact that previous gifts have had on our work contact Hayley Collis on 01274 274809