Fundraise at school

Schools fundraising

We want to bring your whole school and community together to help fundraise for our hospitals.

There are many events you can get involved with from our Sponsored Silences to Dress Down Days.

Why not choose us as your charity of the year and we can work with you to plan fundraising activities that can fit into your school curriculum and help you and the school raise money for our hospital. 

How fundraising can also help students/pupils

Fundraising and volunteering can be something that can really help enhance students/pupils own personal statements and CV's too. Organising a simple cake sale at school will demonstrate resourcefulness and communication skills eg finding bakers for the event, companies to donate the cakes, ways to advertising the event to classmates and friends etc.

As Mr Brown, Physical Education Teacher from Bingley Grammar School explains,


“As a school who is passionate about fundraising we could not have asked for a better partnership than the one we have developed with Bradford Hospitals’ Charity.  The partnership is special because it allows our students a true insight into the work of the hospital and the impact that fundraising has on the lives of sick children.  The opportunity to visit the hospital and have regular contact with the fundraising team inspires our students to keep doing more.  We are very proud of our fundraising efforts and feel very thankful to the support we receive from school staff, parents and the wider community as we could not raise the money we do without their generosity! We LOVE working with BHC and look forward to many more years of fundraising”


Our fantastic fundraising team can help your nursery/school/college or Uni when it comes to organising your event, so make sure you get in touch with us and we can give you the materials and guidance you need.

How we can help you with your fundraising

Here are all sorts of ways you can get involved and our regional fundraisers are here to support you:

  • Discuss with you what kind of activity you want to do and how to maximise your fundraising
  • Attend or host assemblies or meetings to share how fundraising impacts our hospital
  • Offer a tour of our hospital
  • Give you fundraising materials ready for your event
  • Hold a cheque presentation at the end of your activity to celebrate how much you have raised!

Register here and our fundraisers will be in touch to talk through your ideas with you.