Bradford Teaching Hospitals has provided the very best specialist care to sick patients for many decades.

But without the determination of our leaders, the bravery of our patients and, crucially, the generosity of our amazing supporters, we simply would not be able to provide the standard of care we do.

Thanks to supporters, volunteers and partners like you, we’ve made astonishing progress since Bradford Royal Infirmary was built in 1936.

Our history is growing every day, with every patient we treat.

From raising money for a new incubator for premature babies in 1989, to providing £260,000 towards the BRI's new hospital wing in 2017, our charity has consistently made a positive difference to the experience of patients in our hospitals.

In 2018 we underwent a full re-brand, establishing ourselves as Bradford Hospitals' Charity. Our charitable funds support all areas of Bradford Teaching Hospitals, as well as supporting our hard-working staff.