Health researcher Aamnah Rahman is putting her best foot forward to raise money for Bradford Hospitals’ Charity during Ramadan.

Aamnah, who is based with the groundbreaking Born in Bradford research team, has pledged to walk at least 20 minutes each day during the holy month of Ramadan, which is no mean feat for her because of her health challenges. She hopes to build up to almost an hour by the end of April and raise as much money as possible.

Bradford Hospitals’ Charity is the official NHS charity partner of Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, funding equipment, training, research and projects which are over and above what the NHS provides.

The Bradford Teaching Hospitals employee said the Trust’s official charity was very close to her heart because she saw the incredible work it did across Bradford Teaching Hospitals to support patients and staff.

“I know there are many very good causes, but I wanted to give to a charity which is close to home and will benefit our community here in Bradford,” she said.

“Most people will have a family member of friend who has needed our local NHS and so I think it’s important we support it in any way we can. Our NHS is a wonderful asset and I’m very proud of it. I’m particularly keen for donations to benefit the Bradford community, because as a city, we do have many health inequalities and poverty.”

Aamnah said she did personally struggle with energy levels during Ramadan, due to her health challenges, but that fundraising was very rewarding.

“I do get a buzz from fundraising and knowing that I will be helping my local community,” she said. “I hope that the people who sponsor me will also find it rewarding to know they are helping the people of Bradford.”

She added: “Charity is important at all times, but Ramadan is a very special time and it’s about putting yourself in other people’s shoes by trying to understand their plight.”

Aamnah plans to walk around her local area in Bradford, around Chellow Dean, and further afield during weekends.

Hayley Collis, Head of Fundraising for Bradford Hospitals’ Charity, said: “Aamnah is fundraising for our Sunshine Fund – our general fund which supports many different areas of our hospitals, such as the Intensive Care Unit, A&E and many in and outpatient departments. I’ve no doubt this will be a tough challenge for her, due to fasting during Ramadan, so we are incredibly grateful she has chosen our hospital charity.

“The money Aamnah’s supporters donate will be spent on projects and equipment which are not routinely provided by the NHS, but which make a big difference to the care and treatment our patients receive.

“We wish our Muslim faith community a very healthy and happy Ramadan. Your support is greatly appreciated.”

To sponsor Aamnah, visit her Just Giving page at

To find out more about charity giving during Ramadan, visit You can also read more about the impact of your donations across Bradford Teaching Hospitals in our newsletters at

The Bradford Hospitals’ Charity team can be contacted on 01274 274809 or email

Aamnah Rahman

Information for employees of Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust who are members of the Bradford Hospitals’ Charity 50:50 staff lottery.

Changes to our charity staff lottery mean there are now more chances to win big throughout the year.

From 1 April this year, there will be four quarterly opportunities to win a big prize (£2,500) rather than the three chances to win big prizes previously. The monthly draw will be reduced to four prizes

The 50:50 lottery is open to all employees of both Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Bradford District Care Trust. Fifty per cent of proceeds go on prizes and 50 per cent is donated back to Bradford Hospitals’ Charity and Better Lives (the charity of Bradford District Care Trust).

It costs just £1 per chance and you can pay for as many chances as you wish. To be eligible to win a quarterly special cash prize of £2,500, staff must have been a member of the lottery for at least 12 consecutive months.

Hayley Collis, Head of Fundraising for Bradford Hospitals’ Charity, said: “As the official promoter, it’s always a pleasure to present members with their winning prize. Most are shocked and stunned they have won but absolutely delighted at the same time. 

“The staff lottery has been running for over 30 years. It was originally run by the Estates team, and now by Bradford Hospitals’ Charity. Knowing that 50 per cent of the profits are given away as prizes to NHS staff members and 50 per cent is proportionally split to support staff welfare is heartening to know.”

Staff can apply for the lottery via the staff intranet (link on the front page).

The changes have been made in line with the number of staff members taking part.

See below the prizes as of 1 April 2022:

Monthly winners are drawn on the second Wednesday of each month. They are as follows:

1st – £500

2nd – £250

3rd £100

4th – £50

Four quarterly prizes are as follows:

April – £2,500

July (NHS Birthday) – £2,500

Oct – £2,500

Jan – £2,500

If you have any questions, please contact Bradford Hospitals’ Charity, which runs the lottery, on 01274 274809 or email